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April 15, 2008
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Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Please Download to View Correctly and I repeat...I repeat...Do not watch it online because it will be really off-synced with the audio unless you have a very good internet connection...!

Reuires at least flash Player 9.0 plug-in (if it's not already installed on your computer) to watch...

If you don't have the plug-in, the go download it here

If you love the Jigoku Shoujo anime, Enma Ai, or other things relating to Jigoku Shouoj, please join the club made for you Jigoku Shoujo lovers out there... :iconjigokushoujofans:

There is a very slightly off synced part towards the end where Enma Ai says "ippen shinde miru (Do you want to see what death is like) because something horribly has gone wrong when I exported to flash to upload for the web...*****

****note 2: The hotline to hell button should say "send" instead of "enter" but I did purposely because I want it to mean, "please enter, Enma Ai" yea...*****


"Jigoku Shoujo Birthday E-Card"

Happy birthday to you!


Well I finally did it. I made another birthday E-Card. The first one was made featuring Domo-kun and I composed my light version of Happy Birthday music. The second one, (this one) features Enma Ai, Jigoku Shoujo (the Hell Girl) and I composed my dark version of Happy Birthday.

If you want to check out the other Brithday E-Card I made featuring Domo-kun and a happy~ish tune of Happy Birthday, here it is:



This project took me pretty much the entire week working from scratch!

I did even the character model sheet for Enma Ai because I'm going to animate her anyways...haha...I did thumbnail storyboard sketches + keyframing parts on paper which took me a day of planning. The next day was importing that idea into Photoshop where I made templates which later on makes animating less stressful. I spent two days animating it...which also based on my animating skills, I'm still a nOOb at advance nOOb because I know my way around my animating programs such as Toon Boom Studio 4.0 and Flash. But still, I'm a nOOb so don't yell at me for my low quality animation...

here's the animatic:


...anyways...the following day, I finally composed the dark birthday soundtrack for it...and put it all together in Premiere.

The original video was rendered in 30 fps and output size was 32+ mb but I reduced it all in Flash...well just the size and not the fps...which btw will play crappy (off-sync) on the web because it just couldn't handle it so that is why I ask that you download this instead...

Guess who did the voice for Enma Ai...I'm not going to say...but I would rather have :iconkim-tram: do it for me because she has such a soft voice perfect for Enma Ai.


Special thanks :icononelani: for introducing me to SWF 2 AVI PRO and because if she didn't tell me about that program I wouldn't be making things like this with audio... :iconreddrakekai: for introducing me to Prmiere Pro 2.0... :iconddragon88: for introducing me to the Jigoku Shoujo anime...
Tools Used:
1. Toon Boom Studio 4.0
2. Photoshop CS3
3. Premiere Pro 2.0
4. SWF 2 AVI Pro
5. Wacom Tablet
6. Yamaha YPT-300
7. Cakewalk Music Creator 2
8. My HP Pavilion zv6000 laptop !
9. Flash CS3 ( to export it for the web...haha...)
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